Thursday, April 3, 2014

Say Cheese

It's been a long time since blog posts and I apologize for the drought of images.  But, I hope you think the wait was worth it - I have professional pictures to share.  Our builder sent the wonderful Matt Niemann of Aberdeen Studios to take some "glamour shots" of our house.  We had a great time visiting with Matt while he did his work, including using a small drone fitted with a camera for aerial shots.

Our house decorating is still a work in progress and I will post more shots of interiors and furnishings later.  The shots won't be Matt quality, but they will be "good enough."

So without further ado - let the show begin.

Front View

Great Room


Kitchen 2

Master Bedroom

Master Closet

Back Aerial View

Back Porch

Back View Daylight

Back View Evening
We look forward to visits from you, so you can sit on the back porch and enjoy the evening!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Day 379 - Filling in the Blanks

We have been moving for nine days.  Yes, that's right, nine days of hauling stuff.  The movers took care of everything in storage and most of the furniture in our apartment by last Thursday.  We have been gradually moving all of the other stuff from the apartment and receiving new furniture ever since the movers left us.

I thought it would be fun to see a couple of shots of the new furniture that has arrived over the last few days.

Nancy's Study Before New Furniture

After New Chair Arrival

Great Room Before Couches Arrived

After Arrival of Couches

I don't have good before shot of Bruce study's to share with you.

Bruce's Study after Couch Arrival

And I can't leave out Skeeter's contribution to our move!  He has been adjusting very well and he helped us fill the liquor cabinet.  He didn't drink.........much!!!!

Now if we could just train him to unpack boxes, we could sit back and relax.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Day 371 - Home on the Range

One of the wonderful features of living in our neighborhood is watching the free range longhorn cattle roaming around doing their cow activities.  However, we don't want some of the cow activities too close to the house - cow nose prints on windows, trampled and/or eaten landscape plants, and other unmentionable "debris" do not enhance a homey atmosphere.  So, putting in a fence is a very important  project to quickly finish and that project is currently underway.

"The Fence Guy" Paul Hartmann and Bruce

We chose a split rail cedar fence to go around the house, the pool house, and the pool area.  Five iron gates around the enclosed area will provide easy access into the "cow free" zone.

Cedar Split Rail Fence Material
Gate location

Starting to look "ranchy"
Landscaping continues when fence is complete

Another final project is putting in the TV's and sound system.  We have a great crew of guys doing the work. They are camera shy, but their vehicles agreed to be photographed.

Very glad to see these trucks

TV for soaking in tub and also visible from master laundry

Yesterday we started our move with loads of help from our great friends and neighbors, Melinda and Craig.  They helped us haul out the new rugs and get them put in place. We are very grateful for the manual labor and the brain power - Melinda helped me pick out the rugs!!

Nancy's study

Living and dining area rugs

Today, the Little Guys Movers helped us do the first of two moves this week. 

Our great, courteous moving crew

Today, they moved our stuff in storage and they return to us later in the week to move our apartment contents.  It will be fun to open the boxes from storage and see things for the first time in over two years!!

The big green truck looking through gate location

The movers staged the boxes in aisles in the garage arranged by room destination.  We will take our time unpacking these boxes.  Since we lived in an apartment for two years, we have the necessities to set up house.

Many boxes of treasures awaiting discovery

We were thrilled to have a visit last Saturday by our friends Ken and Pam.  They are also building in the Hill Country and we enjoyed talking house planning and construction.  And the "boys" enjoyed having a drink on the patio out of crystal rummers given to Bruce when he retired by Ken, Pam, and other work friends.  The "boys" have been talking about having this drink for a long time!!!

Bruce, Pam, and Ken enjoying the patio

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Day 366 - Almost There

The house is ours!!!!!!!!  We're not moved in yet, the builder's final cleaning isn't until Friday, the landscaping is in progress, the fence starts tomorrow, the pool isn't finished, and we get "the Book" tomorrow - but it is close enough to call it a wrap.

I haven't done a blog in over a month because so much of the work moved at such a slow pace.  And honestly, I had reached burn out stage.  But tonight I am pumped up because we can start moving in soon and so here are random shots of a few rooms and some outside views.  I'll post shots of other rooms later.

Nancy's Study


Master bathroom

Master closet


Powder Room

Great Room

Guestroom Closet

Guest Bathroom


Punch list on counter


Front View

Back View